Needle Felted Forest Gnome


This is my Forest Gnome, Richard The Mushroom Forager.  He is made up of one solid piece of core wool.  I used Romney wool from a farm in Romney Marsh.  Apparently the sheep eat seaweed.  It felts really nicely, but is a bit dear.  I’ve also used Teeswater locks for the beard and hair.  These locks are so beautiful!  The topcoat is Corriedale and the jacket is Jacob batt.  I used Marino pre-felt for the nose, ears and hands.  

As you can see, I added a couple of extra mushrooms to his head/hat.  My daughter said he looked a bit rude (my translation) when I showed her the first photo.  I gave him some boots.  There is real moss and a feather on his base.  So, this Forest Gnome is called Richard, The Mushroom Forager.  He is ever on the hunt for the elusive boletus mushroom.  On his base he is 11.5 inches tall!

A considerable amount of stabbing went into this guy!  I just need to make one smaller!