Needle Felted Animals From Cookie Cutters


I found some cookie cutters in the shape of jungle animals in the pound shop and had an idea to make some brooches. Yes, you can felt things in a cookie cutter.  These are only 2-3 inches tall.  They still take a lot of stabbing (technical term).  I saw a demo using a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a garland.  I made the giraffe and elephant quite thick because I wanted the neck of the giraffe and trunk of the elephant to be quite sturdy.  Once the critters were quite firm, I embellished them.  I added tails to the giraffe and lion, an ear to the elephant and the rest.  I just googled pictures of the animals.  I think they look really cute and would make a fun brooch or a mobile as they are as light as a feather.  I only worked on one side as they will be turned into brooches.  My daughter asked me why the monkey looked angry and I told her he was having a bad hair day.  I might try and turn the giraffe into a llama as they have a similar shape.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled for some fun cookie cutters next time I go out to the charity shops and such.  Hey, I just thought they could also make great fridge magnets too!  (They actually are fridge magnets now, on my fridge!)